• Aluminum Entrance Mat Specifications

    Aluminum Entrance Mat Specifications

    For some public places such as shopping mall, hotels, those places are filled with many people, and in order to keep the lobby clean and tidy, aluminum doormats is a good choice. So how to choose the size of the aluminum entrance mat? ...
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  • Logo Floor Mats

    Logo Floor Mats

    There are many different logo entrance mats which are put in the hotels, shopping mall, office, etc. Logo floor mats are not only pretty impressive, but also can improve corporate image, so the logo mats are more and more popular among commercial places. There are 5 type...
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  • How to Select Anti-skid Floor Mats

    How to Select Anti-skid Floor Mats

    Anti-slip floor mats are widely used in swimming pool, water park, toilet, school and so on. People are often dizzy when it comes to selecting a suitable non-slip entrance mat because there are so many types anti-skid floor mats in the market currently. PAALER can offer ...
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  • Entrance Mat Cleaning and Maintenance

    Entrance Mat Cleaning and Maintenance

    Door Mats Cleaning: 1.Light soiling: most floor mats is needed to be cleaned due to the accumulation of dust and dirt from the shoes of people. The floor mats can be shaken firstly, and then use the vacuum to clean the rest dust up. 2.Heavy soiling: heavy soil...
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  • Where Entrance Mat Used

    Where Entrance Mat Used

    Entrance mat floor mat is widely used in household, shopping mall, hotel and factory, which can remove the dust and sand from shoes and keep the indoor clean, at the same time, the door mat also is durable, UV-resistant, anti-slip, and ESD in some special areas. 1.Doorwa...
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  • PVC Anti-slip Mat

    PVC Anti-slip Mat

    According to related standards, PVC anti-slip mat is compulsorily installed in wet areas of hotels, water park, such as swimming pools, bathrooms. Many people are dazzled with mats and do not know how to choose the best. Some floor mats are hard and smooth, which is unco...
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  • The Reasons Why Commercial Entrance Mat Necessary

    The Reasons Why Commercial Entrance Mat Necessary

    Entrance mat is commonly used in hotel, shopping mall, office building, and also the industrial door mat and floor mat are widely put in front door, entrance, workshop etc. There are some advantages for use floor mat or door mat. ...
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  • PAALER Anti-fatigue Mat-Wonderful

    PAALER Anti-fatigue Mat-Wonderful

    Nowadays different types anti-fatigue mats are widely used in industrial occasions and it is welcomed to people who are required for long time standing working. However, factories accidents are increasing and caused by the slips, trips and falls of anti-fatigue mat. and ...
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  • PAALER Aluminum Entrance Mat–Andes

    PAALER Aluminum Entrance Mat–Andes

    Nowadays what the trickiest thing a shopping mall or hotel facing is much dust and dirt are taken to the indoor by a lot of people every day from outside, and this is mainly result from the shoes which absorbs much dirt from many places. About this problem, PAALER Alumin...
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